Advertising in Instagram – types, cost and efficiency

Instagram is a social network where people share their experiences and events. This is why Instagram advertising should be emotional and beautiful. There must be bright and colorful pictures and videos, otherwise their users simply will not notice. But as interesting as advertising would be, it will not be suitable for everyone in Instagram, for example, if you have some complicated business and you produce and sell complex equipment and you are oriented to the B2B market, it will be very difficult to find such an audience in Instagram. You can, of course, keep a profile in order to be present in Instagram, but you should think whether you need to spend your efforts on it.

What is DevOps adoption all about?

Many companies have already successfully adopted DevOps practices and workflows. This can be seen by on-restart updates of their apps, like Facebook or Telegram that are updated seamlessly for the customer. This result, along with other DevOps benefits, is what other companies want to achieve by DevOps adoption.

Wrapping Your Alliances In a World Wide Web

In his chapter “Manufacturing: Lowering Boundaries, Improving Productivity” from the book The Economic Payoff from the Internet Revolution: Brookings Task Force on the Internet, HBS professor Andrew McAfee, discusses how the Internet has increased manufacturing productivity, lowered costs, and enabled businesses to form mutually beneficial alliances.


Tech Investment the Wise Way

Can elephants dance? Large companies are perceived to be less inclined to invest in new technologies than start-ups. But HBS professor Henry Chesbrough and Professor Emeritus Richard S. Rosenbloom say look to your business model—not the technology itself—to judge investment decisions.


How to Build a Better Call Center

Once viewed simply as low-cost channels for resolving customer concerns, call centers are increasingly seen as powerful service delivery mechanisms and even as generators of revenue. Research by HBS Professor Frances X. Frei and her colleagues Ann Evenson and Patrick T. Harker of the Wharton School points toward new ways of making them work.